Thursday, November 10, 2011

The title says it all...but in case you wanted a definition, here's the best I found (not counting Urban Dictionary's first posting as "a form/term of Californian weed":

The confusion caused when ones mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole that desperately needs it.
I used to have stress all the time but now that I've read this I've been able to be stress free!

Yup. That pretty much says it all. So obviously I'm stressed this week. The one thing that made me smile yesterday was receiving a hand written postcard from my hair salon. I had recently gone to Utopia Salon and Day Spa. It was your basic, mass printed postcard, with my name and addressed hand written, as well as a sweet message saying thanks for coming in, call us to set up your next appt, we loved seeing you, and then the girl who I was with for that first appointment signed it! Without going into scary, sad detail about my problems, Let's just say this postcard made me smile for the first time this week. Sad, I know. But right after I smiled, I decided I needed to do something back. 
I found this blog posting on Pinterest a few weeks ago about this lady who turned her birthday into a "Pay-It-Forward Day". So I got an epiphany when I received this postcard to not only do this for my birthday next year, but an idea for my NHRI junior counselor.
Here are a few ideas from her list:
  • returned grocery carts back inside the store from the parkinging
  • fed parking meters
  • paid for next two cars behind us at toll bridge (this one I would probably do as a drivethru restaurant instead)
  • dropped off hand written thank you notes and doughnuts at the police station
  • tucked happy notes in car doors at parking lots wishing people a happy day (this would probably scare some people: parking ticket! ha!)
  • read a story to children in Barnes & Noble (so cute...her daughter found a little boy and read him a book, too!)
I am really looking forward to this adventure with my JC, Eliza. The whole idea behind this is that you are getting happiness through the happiness of others; this concept directly mirrors my strengths.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

so the average age of getting married is 29?? hmmm...

It is weird to see the Facebook relationship status changes...don't get me wrong, I am more than happy for these great friends of mine and their new fiances. I'm just a little shocked by the average engagement age of my peers. I know a girl my age who already has three kids. Girls I met freshmen year of college are now getting engaged. Is it sad to think that the first thing you think of when you see that a 20-year-old girl getting engaged is "bet she's pregnant". Sadly, that was what I first thought of, but I am upset with myself...I am thrilled for these girls! They have found love and I wish them every happiness in the future. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random NHRI Journal

I truly feel that social media (I'm only Facebook--still don't understand tweeting--and probably never will!) is a huge role in determining what locus of control we are in. Before Facebook, I would make decisions based on my own thoughts, feelings, etc. Now, my life is run by Facebook. My Childs Project for NHRI is in constant contact via Facebook, I get to talk to my family in New York, California, and England, I find out about philanthropies and other fun stuff...ya. Especially with events--friends invite you in advance to something (external locus). My gmail calendar is loaded with every class, including test dates, DG events, work, interning, doctor appts, etc. My whole life is run on an external locus. I do have those rare internal moments, but I definitely feel I am mainly an external locus-er.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I got lost....not really...that's just an excuse to saying I'm lazy.

Hello my fellow reader-ians. Sadly, it seems that the Megablog has imploded into nothingness since I finished my Intro to Journalism class. AND (that's a "yes, and" dedicated to my new friend, Miss Patti Digh) I am happy to say that you should not fret because Megablog is blasting off once again. start off, I should probably tell you that if you were to pass me on the street, I probably wouldn't look the same. No, no, not that, you dirty pervert. Dun dun dun!!!! Megan Bauerle is no longer blonde...or dirty blonde...or w/e you call it.

During that nasty storm a few days ago, God reached down and tapped me on the shoulder, saying, "Megan Bauerle, kidnap your roommate, Becca Kuhlmann and go to Walmart in the middle of a tornado watch AND severe thunderstorm warning and dye your hair." So I listened.

Oh, and since I gave a little dedication to Miss Patti, I would also like to give a shout out to her partner in crime, David, and OF COURSE, my long lost twin, Megan.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Pain

So according to Facebook it looks like I'm the only one with my alarm NOT set to watch the wedding of someone I personally don't know at FOUR A. M. Ok I'm done. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I would like to dedicate this post to Miss Shanna Carter, who sparked my interest in the topic of mobility. While sitting here eating Honey Nut Cheerios and watching Sex and the City, the always wonderfully witty Carrie Bradshaw once again caught my ear. And her words even matched with what I was planning on talking about, which is the fact of how fast our technology has moved.
"I don't believe in email, I believe in the old fashioned call him and hang up.....I'm not getting email just to talk to him." (Carrie) "It's not just to talk to him, you can shop online." ...then something about porn online, as well. Of course this scene ended up with Samantha talking about fake nipples. Go figure.
Miss Shanna suggested this topic to me telling me how hard it used to be to go up and talk to a friend about something, then came MSN...then texting...then "the mighty Facebook"....and now she can do it all from her smart phone :) yes, how the world has changed.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

24-hour news good??

So living in a mobile and unstable economy in my mind is a set up for disaster. People want new news available whenever they want, but the slightest sign of bad news causes chaos. My dad is an international pilot for Delta Air Lines and has been flying Pacific routes lately. My family and I weren't sure exactly where he was at the time of the second earthquake that hit Japan, but we knew he was on a trip. These 24-hour news stations were playing up how horrible even this earthquake was and because of this my friends were freaking out when I said my dad was somewhere over there. First off, it's not weird that multiple times I literally have no idea where in the world my father is. Secondly, yeah, when I found out he was actually in China at the time of this 8-point-something quake I was a little nervous, but his reaction made me feel better. He called my mom the day after and said he was fine and "it was really nothing". So I guess the big question is, are the news stations taking any possibly big news story and making it huge? Or is my dad just saying that it's all good because he didn't die? Who knows. Whether people like it or not, we are becoming a mobile society and because the media will get some things wrong in the setting of a 24-hour news cycle, the people are going to have to deal with a few mess ups every now and then.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So here's a re-post. Being sick in college is NOT fun. And yes, to all my adoring fans, I AM ALIVE. So my brother in high school is sick as well, and with missing about a week of class due to illness as well as various activities, he's fine. Me? I miss three days of classes and I am finding myself writing deep, passionate, please-don't-fail-me emails and planning long, you-are-amazing speeches to my professors, in addition to catching up with normal work AND doing extra credit work. Life is rough. I want summer.

Monday, March 28, 2011


No. I am not going to be busting out into a cheesy Nick Lachey song...yet. So today is the Monday back from spring break and campus reeks of lazy college kids who just want to go back to sleep. And apparently the weather has a hangover, too. Is it rain? Is it snow? No one knows...
After a euphoric and adventurous journey to the east, full of dog-sitting, drained bank accounts, and being kidnapped by a ninja in a polka-dot thong, I finally began my antagonizing trip back to Nebraska...via standby flying. Yuck. Years ago it was no problem for my whole fam to hop on a plane and fly to visit our friends and family (my dad's a pilot, so we fly for free, but we're not guaranteed a seat), but after the airlines started loosing money they had to fill up the planes to make up for the money. The last fews trips I've taken almost every flight has been oversold. Although my mother tried explaining the thought process behind purposely overselling flights, I still don't understand it. It's called stress people: no one likes it. Especially standby passengers. Ok ok, Mom, yes it's a fun adventure and I should just not worry about missing a flight and enjoy the ride...and the extra moolah put into my bank account for a cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks. However, when my boyfriend is sitting at the airport in Omaha waiting for an hour because of my delayed flight (darn peanut truck), then there's a problem.
So the purpose of my title of "Patience" was portrayed in a stranded flight attendant I happened to run into in the Raleigh-Durham airport. After my 8:30 flight to Atlanta had been oversold and therefore I was unable to jump on, I was doing some Sudoku by the gate and a flight attendant walked up to the table. I knew she wasn't working the table because of her different uniform...apparently I'm a nerd. Whatever. Well, she was on the computer trying to check flights and a man walked up to the counter and started pouring out his problems to her. "Sir, I'm sorry. I don't work here...I'm a flight attendant." After he got the message that she couldn't help him, he left...but a few seconds later another man walked up to her. She gave him the same message. Then another one. And about five more behind him. While I was sitting there trying so hard not to laugh, the flight attendant was able to keep her cool and calmly explain to every single one of the people that came up to the desk that she was unable to assist them. The funny thing was, everyone in line was on some sort of They were so enthralled in their mobile devices that they were unaware of the fact that this woman had just said "sorry I can't help you" to the guy right in front of him. Before I could give kudos to this flight attendant for not exploding on this hoard of people, she found her flight and left the gate.
Yup. That's pretty much my story. Oh, and I made it back to Omaha that day, catching a secret flight out of Atlanta. The fact that the lady at the gate called it secret made it that much more awesome when I got on. Perhaps I had become the ninja? No polka-dot thong though. I don't like butt floss.
So to close I will leave you with some inspiring words......Cause I Need time My heart is numb, has no feeling So while I'm still healing Just try and have a little patience......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok this is going to be a really short post...more of just a random media related thought. I am filling out an application and all it asks for as far as somehow to get a hold of me is my email and my CELL phone. Not home phone. Not work phone. Not even "phone" in general. But CELL phone. Just stating more of the advancement of mobile communications, I supposed.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Like Epiphanies

So stress is a word that every college student is used to encountering on a daily basis. Whether you're swamped with homework, annoyed by teachers, sick, or just plain tired, the show must go on. I'm very thankful that the people I vent to during these times don't just say, "shut up...get over it" but actually say, "ya life may suck right now, but you're strong and I know you will make it through."
My mom is one of my main venters. After putting three kids through high school I'm not surprised she has become a pro at this.
I recently started a nannying position with a 12 and 14-year-old. Since they're not really kids, the main thing I wanted to accomplish with them is a connection. Being able to not just be the college kid who picks them up from school and cleans up the house. To accomplish this goal, I called my mom on my way to my first day of nannying. There was a quote my mother always used when I was younger, and though I thought it was extremely annoying, now she's a genius. I called to get the exact wording of this question: "what was the best part of your day?" The main reason this wording is used and not just, "how was your day?" is that it requires more than a one word or yes/no answer. It starts a conversation. Another big part I love about this one sentence (though I couldn't stand it when it was directed towards teenage me) is that it makes you think in a positive light. There is always something in your day that was better than something else. I was successful when I tried it earlier this week. And the part I loved was that they didn't hesitate or whine saying, "uh. I don't know" because then I would have to push them. So the reason I have "epiphany" in my title is that I want to be a more positive person. Though this will probably take some time and getting used to, I feel that it is an amazing goal that I definitely plan to keep up.
Oh, so I'm going to make this a media post, too. Media, media, media!!! Haha jk. I'm actually doing this post on my iPod before class starts while listening to Santana. Life definitely is good :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emotional Stress Caused By Annoying People

So in class today we watched a few videos about the Westboro Baptist Church with their recent hearings of a case that went to the Supreme Court. If you don't know who they are, you are lucky you weren't the one with a migraine after hearing the crap these people say.
Ok. Breathe. This is the whole point of this post. First of all, these people do what they do because it gets them publicity. If you attack the media, you get attention...yes, just like a whiney two-year-old. Secondly, really annoying people get us to just that point: annoyed. Stressed. Pushed to an emotional limit.
Ok, so in case you don't know who they are, The Westboro Baptist Church, based out of Kansas, who are widely known for their extreme and non-shy protests as Anti-gay and Anti-war people. They are seen at funerals of fallen soldiers from Iraq and also protested two boys going to prom together.
So now that I have got your "WTF" buttons pushed, we'll move to my real feelings and thoughts of this group. My first thought when this subject came up in class was that we should go protest them. They're all about free speech. Maybe we could just get a group together and go picket their outlandish remarks like they do to the poor families of fallen soldiers. No, Megan. I tell myself. What's better? We should not stoop to the level of these people. Just because someone does something bad to you doesn't mean you have the right to do it back. This group is pushing people to their limits and they choose some of the most emotional moments to antagonize people even more. Because of these outrageous protests we let our emotions get the best of us. Yes, even if by our Constitution it is legal, I truly think it is absolutely ridiculous to let protestors tell a woman who just lost her son that that son was killed because the mom didn't teach him the ways of God.
We watched an older video of Hannity and Colmes interviewing Shirley Phelps, one of the leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church. They just end up laughing because they are realizing that they can't win. You eventually have to just shut up because you can't make a point with them. This is a good example of where these men could have let emotions get the best of them (there were definitely some riled up people in class).
However, there are people who are letting their emotions get the best of them, but in a positive manner. The Patriot Riders and other similar groups are truly the type of backlash that is needed in this situation: a good samaritan. The Patriot Riders are motorcyclist veterans who attend funerals of Iraqi War victims as a sort of barrier or act as a bodyguard between the protestors and the grieving family members. These men are truly remarkable and amazing individuals.
Phew. Ok. Got the emotions raging again. I could talk for hours about how just plain stupid this group's actions are, but like I said. I am not going to stoop to their level...though I already have dropped a little for publicly ousting my opinions. I'm alright with that though. I want to dedicate this post to those good samaritans who are being a positive comeback to all the negativism that this group portrays.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geez. Hold Your Horses.

Slow it down, media. You're moving too fast for us. So I was studying some terms for journalism class and came across an interestingly defined word. "Time shift: recording an audio or video event for viewing later rather than when the event was originally broadcast--setting a VCR to record a favorite program while on is out is an example of time shifting". Did you hear...uh I mean see that? VCR. Do those things even exist anymore? Or at least, would they even work? DVDs are almost becoming obsolete and I'm being given an example of VCR recording as an example? Do kids nowadays even know what a VCR is? Oh, another! So my sister and her hubby got iPhones when the first came out. A few months later they were already introducing the new iPhone. Chill, people! I still don't even have a phone with a data plan! Yes, Dan, make fun of my ancient p.o.s. phone again, please.
Movies and phones are not the only form of speedy media, though. I miss the good 'ole days of my brother's Nintendo 64. Mostly because I could actually use the controller. (Also because I have this weird thing where I actually enjoy watching boys play video games?? Ya, ya, weird, I know. That's another story.) So after the 64 got to where you have to blow into the game and pray that it won't freeze up, I pretty much lost all hope for ever being able to actually play a video game. Needless to say, I turned to simply watching. However, I have now been introduced to the PS3 game of Little Big Planet, where one player created a Mario level. After a little time of thinking the high tech PS3 controller was way too advanced for me, I gave in. Bam. I won the level and didn't totally suck. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go wash your hands!

via Google images
So I haven't posted for awhile. That's what happens when you get sick in college. After a few days of some rather long naps (which are in general very odd for me) I finally went to the doctor since I was too tired to get out of bed for class. She didn't think anything was terribly wrong, but it got worse. Friday night my mom and brother drove the five hours with time change from Imperial to Lincoln to pick me up for the weekend so I could get better. They thought it would be smart for my brother to drive my car home (after he played around the eastern part of the state of course) so I would be able to drive home Sunday in time for class. Fail. Around Saturday afternoon I started getting nasally symptoms and could barely drive three blocks. After missing classes again on Monday, my mother's friend came up with a truly amazing idea. I would drive my car with my mom in her car to McCook, where we would drop off her car at the Amtrak train station. My mom then proceeded to drive us to Lincoln, and then I dropped her off at the Amtrak station in the Haymarket for her 12:05 am train to McCook, where she would then make the hour drive home. Ingenious. Of course, I skipped classes again the next day and ended up going to the doctor where she told me a had a severe ear and sinus infection. No worries though, with that P.A.'s signature in hand, I made a quick trip to Walgreen's and I am all better!
via Google images
So first off, being sick in college sucks, yes, but once you're all better comes the hard part: makeup time. with the six days I missed of classes I had a lot of stuff to catch up on. Thankfully, most of my professors are very supportive and are telling me to take me time in my makeup work.
Secondly, trains: they are pure brilliance. With the ridiculous increase in gas prices, it's going to get harder and harder for me to be able to make a quick trip home. The hours lost while driving also could be put toward study time, I'm adding mileage to my car, and a total of ten hours of driving within three days can put a toll on anyone. So my next trip home I am taking the train, studying and/or sleeping the three and a half hour trip to McCook where my wonderful mother will pick me up. Life is good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook is now totally awesome

I would like to dedicate this post to my AWESOME brother, Lucas, who has just introduced me to a side of Facebook I apparently didn't know existed: the totally fun side.
So you know Facebook can be translated into multiple languages. But did you know that "pirate" is one of them?? Ha. No I'm not illegally copying dvds in my spare time. I swear if you check this out you will fall in love and laugh your head off every chance you get to partake in a Facebook excursion.
via my bro's Facebook profile...I apologize for small print on it!
As my picture shows you, this addition is BOMB, and therefore, here are the instructions to become a pirate, like myself.
Go to your account, then languages. There will be a scroll thingy where you can change your Facebook account to translate into tons of different languages. After the normal alphabetized set of languages, it will eventually say, "English (pirate)". Once you click this, you will never go back. And yes, a giant "p" will magically emerge on your arm (for "pirate", for those of you who are weird and haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean) and you will get strange addictions to rum.
Good luck, mateys. May we speak in pirate-anese soon. Arr!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magazine Project

Project from Class: we were told to design a specialized magazine and answer the questions answered below. Designing a potential cover, as shown here, was optional.

-Magazine name: Fastpitch (Softball)
-Target audience: Players of fastpitch softball
-Distribution methods: Via athletics stores and websites, occasional outlet stores
-Potential articles: Player of the issue, Olympic softball updates, new offensive drills/techniques
-Potential articles: Nike, Adidas, Mizuno

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snail Mail vs Email

The best part of college: getting a package from Mommy. I don't know about you, but I check my mailbox daily. Even in high school, I loved getting what is now considered "snail mail". I actually mildly hinted to my mother to pass the word around to loved ones that I love getting even a little "hi there" card every now and then (hint, madre, if you haven't told my loved ones this yet, DO). When I do have a letter or package in my mailbox, I must admit, I get a little giddy inside. I am fascinated about the physical atmosphere of holding that letter or package in my hands.
via Google then
After considering this fact, I thought to myself: maybe that's just how I am. In the case of books, too, I am the same way. I will never buy a Nook or Kindle, for the simple truth that I love the actual feeling and touch of a book. Sorry Barnes and Noble, you will never be able to get rid of me. Speaking of B&N, I adore the smell of that place. No, it's not necessarily the Starbucks smell, it's more the mood I am in when being in the presence of something so magnanimous.
Anywho, back to snail mail. I think my love for physical touch is why I prefer snail mail to email. I mean, yes, email is definitely more faster and more convenient, but the fact that someone took the time out of their day to put that card or letter in that envelope, put my name and address on it, taking a whole sticky 44 cents (or however much it is now) out of their pocket, and putting it in the outgoing mail?? Now that's love.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keeping In Touch Is Easier Than Ever

via iTunes website
So my sister got married and recently moved all the way to North Carolina. Needless to say, I don't get to see her a lot. Thanks to media such as Facebook, texting, and this awesome app we both have on my iTouch and her iPhone, we can keep updated and stay in each other's lives in a cheap and efficient manner.
With the time change and both of our hectic schedules, it's hard to keep in touch via phone or even Skype. Having Facebook or just texting, we can get a hold of each other or just say a simple, "Hi. I miss you" without interrupting in each others' daily lives. The thing about this app is that we are playing this game together (where she usually always kicks my butt) whenever we have time to get to it. We'll get little updates on our Apple devices saying, "it's your turn" and for those 30 seconds out of my day, I feel like I am back at home actually playing a game of Scrabble with my sister, when she is really over 1,000 miles away. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real American High Schoolers???

via Google
We talked about this show on MTV in class today called "Skins". I've never heard of it before. Or the British show it's based off of. There's huge controversy about its airing in the United States because of the mature content displayed in it. Since I had no idea what actually goes on in this show, I went to tonight to see what's so controversial. Obviously something was up when I had to verify my birthdate because of mature content. Um. Is this porn? Is this illegal? If the company has to have viewers "verify their age" because of "mature content", why is this show being shown on a channel watched mainly by teenaged viewers? Really, "underaged" viewers could type in some phony birthdate and MTV couldn't prove it. Less than ten minutes into watching episode two online, I am disgusted with what's going on. This is supposedly the portrayal of real American high schoolers? What is our world coming to?! Seriously! While at their school, one of the girls pulls out a "travel-sized" bottle of vodka and takes a swig. Really? I'll save you from many other gruesome details of this episode.
So the main controversy about this show and why its advertisers are dropping out fast is the fact that a lot of the actors in the show are under 18. This is a problem because of the risque-ness of the show so there is controversy about child pornography laws. I guess we'll see how this plays out.
via Google

Heath Ledger

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Saturday, January 8 was TNT's showing The Dark Knight for the first time on television. As I sit here munching on my Jimmy John's, (I feel like a jerk, by the way, it's a blizzard out and that amazing Jimmy John's employee still safely and successfully got me my delicious chow! He should have gotten a better tip!) I am in awe at this amazing display of this actor's last work. Going over the movies that Ledger has been in, it's amazing at the vast array of different characters he has played over his career. One of my favorites is 10 Things I Hate About You, ("A remake of the classic Shakespeare play The Taming of he Shrew, set in a modern day high school", according to Of course there's also The Patriot A Knight's Tale, and Casonova, among many others. But Ledger's role in The Dark Knight is immensely different than these characters, which tend to be gorgeous, witty, charming young heroes/badasses. In my opinion, there are many characters that are able to make their audience believe that they are who they are paid to be. But the Joker is by far Ledger's most successful role. We've all heard of the Joker as a comic book character, but to see a real person portray this character (Jack Nicholson also played the Joker in 1989) is down right creepy.  When he walks out of the first hospital he blows up?? Ha, I don't kno...he kind of just makes you laugh by his "WTF. Why didn't the big explosion go off?". 
Prescription drugs were supposedly the cause of his death, still, no one knows for sure if this incident was accidental or intentional. All in all, Ledger's death is a true loss to our movie making society.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Facebook Adventure

I was one of the first students at my high school to get Facebook. At that time, it had just opened up to high schoolers in addition to college students. I got hooked via my sister. Once I was on, all my high school buddies thought this new toy was amazing and immediatly joined with me.
razy. I personally haven't seen "The Social Network", the movie about the making of Facebook, but I guess the tagline is true: "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies".
During our last journalism class, we talked about things we liked and things we didn't like in the media. One student brought up the point that it takes away the interpersonal communication with friends. Professor Alloway came off that comment with a story about a guy's daughter and her friends being completely silent while he drove them to a movie. When asked about this the daughter replied that her and her friends were texting each other. In the same car. This is insane!
Today's society is much better at multi-tasking. People can be texting and talking to another person face-to-face at the same time. I tend to lean towards to side that when I am with a friend face-to-face, each of us should make an effort to be completely there, otherwise it's just rude.
Branching off of this comment of interpersonal communication, I personally do not like what Facebook has done to our society, as far as this form of communication goes. Before Facebook and cell phones, if you had something you needed to tell someone, you would wait until you got home from school or work and call them via your landline. It wasn't that big of a deal. Now, I can text my friend and tell her a funny story about my teacher before class starts. It's not important, but I can do it. I can keep in touch with all the important people in my life without even actually speaking to them...whether I see these people everyday or they live in a different state.
Status updates are what I can not stand. I don't really care if you are going to go make a Target run. I don't care if you are sitting in class bored out of your mind. You don't need to announce that to the world. I don't really want to hear you whine about your pathetic problems to your Facebook audience. It makes you look childish and needy and I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my Facebook friends to think that about me.
Another part of Facebook that really pushes my buttons is relationship statuses. When I was in high school and Facebook was just getting popular with the younger kids, to be in an "official relationship", Facebook had to confirm it. This defeats the purpose of a mature, adult relationship. People shouldn't care whether or not everyone knows about your relationship. A relationship is between two people. Not those two people and their Facebook audience. Go ahead. Look on my Facebook page. Does it say, "Megan is single" or "Megan is in a relationship". Nope. Because I don't care if the whole world knows whether or not I am "single" or "taken". Actually, I do have a boyfriend. The only people who know are the people who care to me. I don't have to announce it to the world.
Ok. I will now thank my computer and you for my little venting session. If you've read this far you should get an award. And maybe some chocolate.
Muchos gracios (my Spanish teacher said today to start to use Spanish more in our everyday lives!) Hasta luego!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...and I'm back

Ok, go figure: I'm back. So I was on to my other areas of study time (yes, Mom, I was actually studying) when I realized: "Um. I totally messed up on my first post! Of course I've heard of real bloggers before." However, this "real blogger" I thought of turned out to be Sarah Jessica Parker. So technically she's not "real", but hey, I'd like to think there's some big shot editor out there in blogger world who will come across my amazing new outlet and say, "Hey, I like her." And then I will be paid big bucks to go sip martinis with my girls. Life is good.

My First Blog!

As stated in my profile, I am starting this blog as a requirement for a class. However, through just the process of setting up this amazing and fascinating, beautiful piece of art, I have realized that Professor Alloway was definitely correct when he warned about the horrible affects of a blogging addiction.
I've never really been big into the blogging world. My mother started a blog as an outlet for her artwork. Through this she has come into contact with many talented individuals around the country, and she is also encouraged to more actively pursue her own work. My sister started a blog as a countdown to her wedding: talking about all of the stress that goes on behind the scenes of that big day. But when she writes, it's mesmerizing. You can see the words explode off of the page in a glorious, triumphant celebration. Me? Yeah, right. Who would want to hear what I have to say? That's the amazing thing about the world of blogging. I don't have to care whether or not people who will read this will like it or not. I can put my thoughts out to the world and if someone doesn't like what I have to say they can keep their mouth shut. Or, hey, just don't read it!
Blogging (as summarized by Wikipedia...yeah, yeah, not supposed to use Wikipedia as a source...whatever) is "a blend of the term web log" and is usually maintained by an individual with regular updates of multiple entries.
It's crazy how many writing entries you can read online now. When I was younger, the only things I remember that one could read online were articles by people that got paid to write. Even when my mom and sister starting blogging I was like, "You can do that?". At that time I was still in my little bubble. I don't wanna blog. Blogging's stupid. Blogging's for wanna-be writers that sit in coffee shops, drinking expensive coffee and acting like they're doing something important. But once again, I came back to the belief of who would want to hear my thoughts?
Now that I think about it, blogging is a public journal. Some people sit in bed at night and write down their private thoughts while snuggling under the covers. While, apparently, others sit at their computers composing posts that anyone in the world can read. Seems like the opposite point of a journal, but hey, who am I to judge.
As soon as I finished titling and creating a background and design for my new blog, I immediatly starting writing. After a paragraph or two, I emailed my mom, exclaiming how much I am loving this "assignment". "I am addicted, mother. I love this stuff. I feel like I'm expanding not just as a writer, but as a person, too. Normally I feel that I take into consideration what everyone is saying and don't necessarily make my own opinions off of those. And I feel through blogging I am growing and evolving my own opinions and I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks about it!! I have to be careful though. This is homework, yes. But I have other classes too :("
So my audience members, I must now attend to my other studies. I bid you adieu, and thank you for being a part of my first post!