Thursday, November 10, 2011

The title says it all...but in case you wanted a definition, here's the best I found (not counting Urban Dictionary's first posting as "a form/term of Californian weed":

The confusion caused when ones mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole that desperately needs it.
I used to have stress all the time but now that I've read this I've been able to be stress free!

Yup. That pretty much says it all. So obviously I'm stressed this week. The one thing that made me smile yesterday was receiving a hand written postcard from my hair salon. I had recently gone to Utopia Salon and Day Spa. It was your basic, mass printed postcard, with my name and addressed hand written, as well as a sweet message saying thanks for coming in, call us to set up your next appt, we loved seeing you, and then the girl who I was with for that first appointment signed it! Without going into scary, sad detail about my problems, Let's just say this postcard made me smile for the first time this week. Sad, I know. But right after I smiled, I decided I needed to do something back. 
I found this blog posting on Pinterest a few weeks ago about this lady who turned her birthday into a "Pay-It-Forward Day". So I got an epiphany when I received this postcard to not only do this for my birthday next year, but an idea for my NHRI junior counselor.
Here are a few ideas from her list:
  • returned grocery carts back inside the store from the parkinging
  • fed parking meters
  • paid for next two cars behind us at toll bridge (this one I would probably do as a drivethru restaurant instead)
  • dropped off hand written thank you notes and doughnuts at the police station
  • tucked happy notes in car doors at parking lots wishing people a happy day (this would probably scare some people: parking ticket! ha!)
  • read a story to children in Barnes & Noble (so cute...her daughter found a little boy and read him a book, too!)
I am really looking forward to this adventure with my JC, Eliza. The whole idea behind this is that you are getting happiness through the happiness of others; this concept directly mirrors my strengths.