Sunday, February 27, 2011

Go wash your hands!

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So I haven't posted for awhile. That's what happens when you get sick in college. After a few days of some rather long naps (which are in general very odd for me) I finally went to the doctor since I was too tired to get out of bed for class. She didn't think anything was terribly wrong, but it got worse. Friday night my mom and brother drove the five hours with time change from Imperial to Lincoln to pick me up for the weekend so I could get better. They thought it would be smart for my brother to drive my car home (after he played around the eastern part of the state of course) so I would be able to drive home Sunday in time for class. Fail. Around Saturday afternoon I started getting nasally symptoms and could barely drive three blocks. After missing classes again on Monday, my mother's friend came up with a truly amazing idea. I would drive my car with my mom in her car to McCook, where we would drop off her car at the Amtrak train station. My mom then proceeded to drive us to Lincoln, and then I dropped her off at the Amtrak station in the Haymarket for her 12:05 am train to McCook, where she would then make the hour drive home. Ingenious. Of course, I skipped classes again the next day and ended up going to the doctor where she told me a had a severe ear and sinus infection. No worries though, with that P.A.'s signature in hand, I made a quick trip to Walgreen's and I am all better!
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So first off, being sick in college sucks, yes, but once you're all better comes the hard part: makeup time. with the six days I missed of classes I had a lot of stuff to catch up on. Thankfully, most of my professors are very supportive and are telling me to take me time in my makeup work.
Secondly, trains: they are pure brilliance. With the ridiculous increase in gas prices, it's going to get harder and harder for me to be able to make a quick trip home. The hours lost while driving also could be put toward study time, I'm adding mileage to my car, and a total of ten hours of driving within three days can put a toll on anyone. So my next trip home I am taking the train, studying and/or sleeping the three and a half hour trip to McCook where my wonderful mother will pick me up. Life is good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook is now totally awesome

I would like to dedicate this post to my AWESOME brother, Lucas, who has just introduced me to a side of Facebook I apparently didn't know existed: the totally fun side.
So you know Facebook can be translated into multiple languages. But did you know that "pirate" is one of them?? Ha. No I'm not illegally copying dvds in my spare time. I swear if you check this out you will fall in love and laugh your head off every chance you get to partake in a Facebook excursion.
via my bro's Facebook profile...I apologize for small print on it!
As my picture shows you, this addition is BOMB, and therefore, here are the instructions to become a pirate, like myself.
Go to your account, then languages. There will be a scroll thingy where you can change your Facebook account to translate into tons of different languages. After the normal alphabetized set of languages, it will eventually say, "English (pirate)". Once you click this, you will never go back. And yes, a giant "p" will magically emerge on your arm (for "pirate", for those of you who are weird and haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean) and you will get strange addictions to rum.
Good luck, mateys. May we speak in pirate-anese soon. Arr!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magazine Project

Project from Class: we were told to design a specialized magazine and answer the questions answered below. Designing a potential cover, as shown here, was optional.

-Magazine name: Fastpitch (Softball)
-Target audience: Players of fastpitch softball
-Distribution methods: Via athletics stores and websites, occasional outlet stores
-Potential articles: Player of the issue, Olympic softball updates, new offensive drills/techniques
-Potential articles: Nike, Adidas, Mizuno

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snail Mail vs Email

The best part of college: getting a package from Mommy. I don't know about you, but I check my mailbox daily. Even in high school, I loved getting what is now considered "snail mail". I actually mildly hinted to my mother to pass the word around to loved ones that I love getting even a little "hi there" card every now and then (hint, madre, if you haven't told my loved ones this yet, DO). When I do have a letter or package in my mailbox, I must admit, I get a little giddy inside. I am fascinated about the physical atmosphere of holding that letter or package in my hands.
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After considering this fact, I thought to myself: maybe that's just how I am. In the case of books, too, I am the same way. I will never buy a Nook or Kindle, for the simple truth that I love the actual feeling and touch of a book. Sorry Barnes and Noble, you will never be able to get rid of me. Speaking of B&N, I adore the smell of that place. No, it's not necessarily the Starbucks smell, it's more the mood I am in when being in the presence of something so magnanimous.
Anywho, back to snail mail. I think my love for physical touch is why I prefer snail mail to email. I mean, yes, email is definitely more faster and more convenient, but the fact that someone took the time out of their day to put that card or letter in that envelope, put my name and address on it, taking a whole sticky 44 cents (or however much it is now) out of their pocket, and putting it in the outgoing mail?? Now that's love.