Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook is now totally awesome

I would like to dedicate this post to my AWESOME brother, Lucas, who has just introduced me to a side of Facebook I apparently didn't know existed: the totally fun side.
So you know Facebook can be translated into multiple languages. But did you know that "pirate" is one of them?? Ha. No I'm not illegally copying dvds in my spare time. I swear if you check this out you will fall in love and laugh your head off every chance you get to partake in a Facebook excursion.
via my bro's Facebook profile...I apologize for small print on it!
As my picture shows you, this addition is BOMB, and therefore, here are the instructions to become a pirate, like myself.
Go to your account, then languages. There will be a scroll thingy where you can change your Facebook account to translate into tons of different languages. After the normal alphabetized set of languages, it will eventually say, "English (pirate)". Once you click this, you will never go back. And yes, a giant "p" will magically emerge on your arm (for "pirate", for those of you who are weird and haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean) and you will get strange addictions to rum.
Good luck, mateys. May we speak in pirate-anese soon. Arr!