Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geez. Hold Your Horses.

Slow it down, media. You're moving too fast for us. So I was studying some terms for journalism class and came across an interestingly defined word. "Time shift: recording an audio or video event for viewing later rather than when the event was originally broadcast--setting a VCR to record a favorite program while on is out is an example of time shifting". Did you hear...uh I mean see that? VCR. Do those things even exist anymore? Or at least, would they even work? DVDs are almost becoming obsolete and I'm being given an example of VCR recording as an example? Do kids nowadays even know what a VCR is? Oh, another! So my sister and her hubby got iPhones when the first came out. A few months later they were already introducing the new iPhone. Chill, people! I still don't even have a phone with a data plan! Yes, Dan, make fun of my ancient p.o.s. phone again, please.
Movies and phones are not the only form of speedy media, though. I miss the good 'ole days of my brother's Nintendo 64. Mostly because I could actually use the controller. (Also because I have this weird thing where I actually enjoy watching boys play video games?? Ya, ya, weird, I know. That's another story.) So after the 64 got to where you have to blow into the game and pray that it won't freeze up, I pretty much lost all hope for ever being able to actually play a video game. Needless to say, I turned to simply watching. However, I have now been introduced to the PS3 game of Little Big Planet, where one player created a Mario level. After a little time of thinking the high tech PS3 controller was way too advanced for me, I gave in. Bam. I won the level and didn't totally suck.