Monday, March 28, 2011


No. I am not going to be busting out into a cheesy Nick Lachey song...yet. So today is the Monday back from spring break and campus reeks of lazy college kids who just want to go back to sleep. And apparently the weather has a hangover, too. Is it rain? Is it snow? No one knows...
After a euphoric and adventurous journey to the east, full of dog-sitting, drained bank accounts, and being kidnapped by a ninja in a polka-dot thong, I finally began my antagonizing trip back to Nebraska...via standby flying. Yuck. Years ago it was no problem for my whole fam to hop on a plane and fly to visit our friends and family (my dad's a pilot, so we fly for free, but we're not guaranteed a seat), but after the airlines started loosing money they had to fill up the planes to make up for the money. The last fews trips I've taken almost every flight has been oversold. Although my mother tried explaining the thought process behind purposely overselling flights, I still don't understand it. It's called stress people: no one likes it. Especially standby passengers. Ok ok, Mom, yes it's a fun adventure and I should just not worry about missing a flight and enjoy the ride...and the extra moolah put into my bank account for a cinnamon dolce latte at Starbucks. However, when my boyfriend is sitting at the airport in Omaha waiting for an hour because of my delayed flight (darn peanut truck), then there's a problem.
So the purpose of my title of "Patience" was portrayed in a stranded flight attendant I happened to run into in the Raleigh-Durham airport. After my 8:30 flight to Atlanta had been oversold and therefore I was unable to jump on, I was doing some Sudoku by the gate and a flight attendant walked up to the table. I knew she wasn't working the table because of her different uniform...apparently I'm a nerd. Whatever. Well, she was on the computer trying to check flights and a man walked up to the counter and started pouring out his problems to her. "Sir, I'm sorry. I don't work here...I'm a flight attendant." After he got the message that she couldn't help him, he left...but a few seconds later another man walked up to her. She gave him the same message. Then another one. And about five more behind him. While I was sitting there trying so hard not to laugh, the flight attendant was able to keep her cool and calmly explain to every single one of the people that came up to the desk that she was unable to assist them. The funny thing was, everyone in line was on some sort of They were so enthralled in their mobile devices that they were unaware of the fact that this woman had just said "sorry I can't help you" to the guy right in front of him. Before I could give kudos to this flight attendant for not exploding on this hoard of people, she found her flight and left the gate.
Yup. That's pretty much my story. Oh, and I made it back to Omaha that day, catching a secret flight out of Atlanta. The fact that the lady at the gate called it secret made it that much more awesome when I got on. Perhaps I had become the ninja? No polka-dot thong though. I don't like butt floss.
So to close I will leave you with some inspiring words......Cause I Need time My heart is numb, has no feeling So while I'm still healing Just try and have a little patience......