Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emotional Stress Caused By Annoying People

So in class today we watched a few videos about the Westboro Baptist Church with their recent hearings of a case that went to the Supreme Court. If you don't know who they are, you are lucky you weren't the one with a migraine after hearing the crap these people say.
Ok. Breathe. This is the whole point of this post. First of all, these people do what they do because it gets them publicity. If you attack the media, you get attention...yes, just like a whiney two-year-old. Secondly, really annoying people get us to just that point: annoyed. Stressed. Pushed to an emotional limit.
Ok, so in case you don't know who they are, The Westboro Baptist Church, based out of Kansas, who are widely known for their extreme and non-shy protests as Anti-gay and Anti-war people. They are seen at funerals of fallen soldiers from Iraq and also protested two boys going to prom together.
So now that I have got your "WTF" buttons pushed, we'll move to my real feelings and thoughts of this group. My first thought when this subject came up in class was that we should go protest them. They're all about free speech. Maybe we could just get a group together and go picket their outlandish remarks like they do to the poor families of fallen soldiers. No, Megan. I tell myself. What's better? We should not stoop to the level of these people. Just because someone does something bad to you doesn't mean you have the right to do it back. This group is pushing people to their limits and they choose some of the most emotional moments to antagonize people even more. Because of these outrageous protests we let our emotions get the best of us. Yes, even if by our Constitution it is legal, I truly think it is absolutely ridiculous to let protestors tell a woman who just lost her son that that son was killed because the mom didn't teach him the ways of God.
We watched an older video of Hannity and Colmes interviewing Shirley Phelps, one of the leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church. They just end up laughing because they are realizing that they can't win. You eventually have to just shut up because you can't make a point with them. This is a good example of where these men could have let emotions get the best of them (there were definitely some riled up people in class).
However, there are people who are letting their emotions get the best of them, but in a positive manner. The Patriot Riders and other similar groups are truly the type of backlash that is needed in this situation: a good samaritan. The Patriot Riders are motorcyclist veterans who attend funerals of Iraqi War victims as a sort of barrier or act as a bodyguard between the protestors and the grieving family members. These men are truly remarkable and amazing individuals.
Phew. Ok. Got the emotions raging again. I could talk for hours about how just plain stupid this group's actions are, but like I said. I am not going to stoop to their level...though I already have dropped a little for publicly ousting my opinions. I'm alright with that though. I want to dedicate this post to those good samaritans who are being a positive comeback to all the negativism that this group portrays.