Friday, March 4, 2011

I Like Epiphanies

So stress is a word that every college student is used to encountering on a daily basis. Whether you're swamped with homework, annoyed by teachers, sick, or just plain tired, the show must go on. I'm very thankful that the people I vent to during these times don't just say, "shut up...get over it" but actually say, "ya life may suck right now, but you're strong and I know you will make it through."
My mom is one of my main venters. After putting three kids through high school I'm not surprised she has become a pro at this.
I recently started a nannying position with a 12 and 14-year-old. Since they're not really kids, the main thing I wanted to accomplish with them is a connection. Being able to not just be the college kid who picks them up from school and cleans up the house. To accomplish this goal, I called my mom on my way to my first day of nannying. There was a quote my mother always used when I was younger, and though I thought it was extremely annoying, now she's a genius. I called to get the exact wording of this question: "what was the best part of your day?" The main reason this wording is used and not just, "how was your day?" is that it requires more than a one word or yes/no answer. It starts a conversation. Another big part I love about this one sentence (though I couldn't stand it when it was directed towards teenage me) is that it makes you think in a positive light. There is always something in your day that was better than something else. I was successful when I tried it earlier this week. And the part I loved was that they didn't hesitate or whine saying, "uh. I don't know" because then I would have to push them. So the reason I have "epiphany" in my title is that I want to be a more positive person. Though this will probably take some time and getting used to, I feel that it is an amazing goal that I definitely plan to keep up.
Oh, so I'm going to make this a media post, too. Media, media, media!!! Haha jk. I'm actually doing this post on my iPod before class starts while listening to Santana. Life definitely is good :)