Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random NHRI Journal

I truly feel that social media (I'm only Facebook--still don't understand tweeting--and probably never will!) is a huge role in determining what locus of control we are in. Before Facebook, I would make decisions based on my own thoughts, feelings, etc. Now, my life is run by Facebook. My Childs Project for NHRI is in constant contact via Facebook, I get to talk to my family in New York, California, and England, I find out about philanthropies and other fun stuff...ya. Especially with events--friends invite you in advance to something (external locus). My gmail calendar is loaded with every class, including test dates, DG events, work, interning, doctor appts, etc. My whole life is run on an external locus. I do have those rare internal moments, but I definitely feel I am mainly an external locus-er.