Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heath Ledger

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Saturday, January 8 was TNT's showing The Dark Knight for the first time on television. As I sit here munching on my Jimmy John's, (I feel like a jerk, by the way, it's a blizzard out and that amazing Jimmy John's employee still safely and successfully got me my delicious chow! He should have gotten a better tip!) I am in awe at this amazing display of this actor's last work. Going over the movies that Ledger has been in, it's amazing at the vast array of different characters he has played over his career. One of my favorites is 10 Things I Hate About You, ("A remake of the classic Shakespeare play The Taming of he Shrew, set in a modern day high school", according to IMDb.com). Of course there's also The Patriot A Knight's Tale, and Casonova, among many others. But Ledger's role in The Dark Knight is immensely different than these characters, which tend to be gorgeous, witty, charming young heroes/badasses. In my opinion, there are many characters that are able to make their audience believe that they are who they are paid to be. But the Joker is by far Ledger's most successful role. We've all heard of the Joker as a comic book character, but to see a real person portray this character (Jack Nicholson also played the Joker in 1989) is down right creepy.  When he walks out of the first hospital he blows up?? Ha, I don't kno...he kind of just makes you laugh by his "WTF. Why didn't the big explosion go off?". 
Prescription drugs were supposedly the cause of his death, still, no one knows for sure if this incident was accidental or intentional. All in all, Ledger's death is a true loss to our movie making society.