Thursday, April 14, 2011

24-hour news good??

So living in a mobile and unstable economy in my mind is a set up for disaster. People want new news available whenever they want, but the slightest sign of bad news causes chaos. My dad is an international pilot for Delta Air Lines and has been flying Pacific routes lately. My family and I weren't sure exactly where he was at the time of the second earthquake that hit Japan, but we knew he was on a trip. These 24-hour news stations were playing up how horrible even this earthquake was and because of this my friends were freaking out when I said my dad was somewhere over there. First off, it's not weird that multiple times I literally have no idea where in the world my father is. Secondly, yeah, when I found out he was actually in China at the time of this 8-point-something quake I was a little nervous, but his reaction made me feel better. He called my mom the day after and said he was fine and "it was really nothing". So I guess the big question is, are the news stations taking any possibly big news story and making it huge? Or is my dad just saying that it's all good because he didn't die? Who knows. Whether people like it or not, we are becoming a mobile society and because the media will get some things wrong in the setting of a 24-hour news cycle, the people are going to have to deal with a few mess ups every now and then.