Thursday, July 18, 2013

Colorado attire

So my mind has been racing since I said, "yes" the other day. One thought was that I was going to buy myself a new television. Then I said to myself, "Megan--you silly fool. You're going to be living two blocks from a ski resort and a bajillion gorgeous hiking paths. Why would you need a tv?" Touché, myself.
I remembered my wardrobe for summer school. And pretty much college in general. Don't think you can wear t-shirts and gym shorts to work. So I've been Googling everything from "newsroom fashion" to "copy editor style." No decent results. I asked my mother what I'd be wearing..."Columbia sweatshirts and hiking boots." Touché again. It is Colorado, but let's be serious here, Mother.
So I've been scouring Pinterest...general searches and the style boards of my stylish pals. Any assistance/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
So excited to go shopping now! Is it August 17 yet??