Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"And at last I seeeee the liiiiiiight!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (yay for Disney references)

Wow. I don't even know where to begin. The last month or so has been really rough. Not only was Spanish hard and frustrating, I literally did not know where I would be by the end of the summer. Back at my parents house working at the local newspaper? The grocery store? McDonald's in Lincoln? No idea. And it absolutely scared me to death. Anxiety levels have been super high and I was really living hour by hour, even minute by minute some days. That was until I saw through the clouds today.
After returning home from campus on Monday, I was hot, sweaty and smelly but all I wanted to do was rest. After a few games of Bejeweled on my iPhone, I started to close my eyes when my phone started buzzing. I looked at the screen where a 970-area code and "Aspen, CO" were displayed. I leapt out of bed and my heart rate was doubled instantly. I let it ring a few times while I caught my breath and then calmly answered.
Sure enough, it was the editor from the Aspen Times. After completing a few copy editor tests and a questionnaire from the human resources lady, I had been anxiously awaiting any kind of response.
After about 15 minutes of more info about the position and some further interview-style questions, the editor stated I had scored very well on the tests I took (kudos to my editing professor, Sue!!!) Not only had I finished them in a short amount of time, I had "great attention to detail." These two things are vital to any copy editor. The editor then said that because of my great score on these tests and after further chatting today, he would like to offer me the position.
I couldn't speak. I think he realized this and immediately told me he didn't want an answer right away--take my time. One of the questions I had answered for the human resources lady was how I respond to success. Well, I smile, do a little happy dance and call my mom. Instead of simply smiling, I instead started to sob hysterically before my happy dance and calling my mother.
Not only can I see through the fog, I think I can see sounds now. Ha. I am on a high. My life doesn't feel like a waste. I have been given an amazing opportunity and I'm not letting anything hold me back. There isn't anything that could hold me back.
So apologies if I don't blog much in the future--I'll be on the slopes ;) ha jk that's just a perk. I am super excited. I already love the people involved with this publication that I have had the opportunity to speak with and I am even more excited to start copy editing again!! I've missed the DN this summer :(
I want to thank everyone who has helped me make it this far. You all know who you are. But more importantly, I did this. I don't mean to sound cocky. I'm not. This is proof of my skills and my efforts. No one else's. I can't wait to see what Colorado has in store for me!