Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My furry friend

In case you didn't know, I love dogs. Mostly dogs that are actually dogs, not toys. Although I do have a few friends who look like rats after their summer trims.
I turn into another person when I see a dog. Careful if you're in the same vehicle as me and we see a cute boxer collecting the breeze from the best car ride ever. I have, more than once screamed, "puppy!" in a case like this, with my attention now on my new friend. At least until his owner takes a left. 
But my favorite dog in the entire world is KDog. Technically she's my niece, since my brother is the official owner of this adorable, registered chocolate lab. Her full name is Kady Bondo Browndog. That's pronounced kay-dee.
She is the absolute sweetest dog you will ever meet. My uncle calls her "Lickums" because one of her favorite things to do is lick people. Hands, legs, arms. Even faces. 
I've always wanted to get a dog of my own once I got out of college and got settled. I will be taking my time, though. I need to make sure my future furry friend will be truly cared for. Any suggestions about what dog I should get when the time arises will be greatly appreciated. But, please follow Ron Swanson's divine wisdom while submitting suggestions: