Monday, July 15, 2013

Single and temporarily handicapped

So as stated before, I had a cyst removed. My anesthesiologist, Dr. Ott, was a total babe. And I'm not the only one who thought so (Mooooooommmm). Even my nurse said they call him "Hot Ott."
I was excited for the surgery because they said I could watch it on a television screen. Didn't happen. Darn technical difficulties. I did get to chat with Hot Ott, though. In case you're wondering, I had an auxillary nerve block--they didn't put me to sleep. FYI: nerve blocks are the weirdest thing ever.

I'm supposed to be in a sling for a few more days and after that I still have dressings around the incision until I get my stitches removed later this month. 
I now know why all those children with casts on during the summer were so upset. I stink. It's gross. And I can't get rid of it. Fail. But I do get a sympathy look every time someone sees my sling so I guess it's ok. 
I've been in a sling before, but I was still in high school--under constant supervision of BFFs and my parents in case I needed anything. 
Now, I am in a sling while living alone. I have to drive to campus every day. And mommy's not here to put the plastic sack over my dressings before I can get rid of my nasty body odor and then help me into a t-shirt. Or bra for that matter. And my buddies Audrey and Maddie welcome me to class every day by offering to put my hair in a ponytail. They don't even mind the neck sweat I've accumulated from walking clear across campus. I have some awesome friends. 
So elastic shorts will be my best friend for the next few weeks. As well as limited computer action. But perhaps that's a good thing. Thank goodness for smartphones.