Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm alive...how could I NOT be?

After finishing my first full week of work, I've decided I like it. My coworkers are awesome. My apartment is awesome. I've made tons of friends already--human and K9 alike. 
My mom has stayed a few more days than originally planned (personally, I'm not surprised.) We took a walk down the Rio Grande footpath right across from my apartment today since it's my first day off. I will be taking that path more often to see my new furry friends. One of these friends I made today is part wolf part husky named Pistol.  This morning, Pistol's mom informed us that he chased a bear up a tree. Apparently he does this a lot, and the walkers and bikers of town know that if Pistol is on the walking path, they are safe. 
I am loving Aspen and everyone that I have met. I can't wait to continue on this amazing journey.