Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is it really over?

As I finished my final test of my college career, I thought of a lot of things. I don't have to buy anymore textbooks. No more late-night study sessions. No more falling asleep in lectures. Wow. Guys: I'm DONE.
As a soon-to-be Husker Alum, I have some words of wisdom:
-jschool kiddos:

  • work at the DN. It's experience. And the little extra cash in your pocket is nice...even if it just goes to some Raising Cane's during your shift.
  • Sue Burzynski Bullard is amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how much she has helped me along my path to becoming a copy editor at the Aspen Times. Thanks, Sue, for your words of encouragement and your games during class (yes...GAMES.) I will probably never be able to thank you enough.
  • Michael Goff is a god. I'm pretty sure he can fix anything when it comes to advising.
  • Take a class with Matt Waite.
-all undergrads:
  • Take advantage of teachers' office hours. I wish I would have done this more. If you're confused/lost/about-to-rip-out-your-hair, go see them. It's what they're there for.
  • Gatorade can cure headaches. Learned that this year...weird tip from Pinterest.
  • ...of course, if you pull an all-nighter, Gatorade may not fully help. SLEEP.

I am planning to continue blogging in the future, so look forward to posts about my new adventure as a college graduate, full-time copy editor and brand-new Coloradoan!