Saturday, January 4, 2014

My new gluten-free life

I started seeing a chiropractor in Aspen not too long after I got here to keep my migraines at bay. On Oct. 30 I woke up utterly exhausted and in a complete brain fog. I could barely get out of bed. I was able to make it to the restroom but almost fell standing up. I knew something was wrong, and a coworker took my to the ER. After some blood work there wasn't anything definitive so I was told to go home and sleep and follow up with a family doctor. After blood tests came back, we found out I was iron-deficient anemic and also had very low iron levels. 
When I told my chiropractor about my hospital visit the next week, he went into hyperdrive. Having treated multiple patients with my exact symptoms, he knew exactly what was wrong. 
Soon after I started a gluten-free diet. It's not for certain if I have Celiac's disease yet or just a gluten-intolerance, but I feel so much better already.
However, I still suffered from extreme fatigue, high anxiety, joint and muscle pains and brain fog. Turns out I  also havebeen suffering from a leaky gut. This is where undigested food slips into my bloodstream. I am now toxic. My body is freaking out. 
Because of the leaky gut, my body isn't absorbing the nutrients that it needs to function, so I go into a fight-or-flight mode; it thinks I'm starving! Hence the inability to lose weight over the past three years no matter how hard I try. 
I'm nearing the end of the detox phase. As soon as all the crud gets flushed out of my body, we are going to give it a little vacation; let it heal and then start working on its own. Once that happens, the weight will fall off, apparently. (Yay!)
The weight and my incompetent knowledge about money and budgets makes for multiple anxiety attacks over the past few months. The money has been hard because I have to eat healthy AND gluten-free so my body can start absorbing what it needs naturally and then I can get off the crazy amount of supplements I'm on. 
Until then, it's a ridiculous amount of pills, chiropractic adjustments and eating as healthy as I can, not to mention a ton of water. 
Wish me luck! And to fellow gluten-haters, stay strong!